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District Select

Question: What does all this mean?

Answer: These are either the names or abbreviations of school districts that we've tailor-made studying resources for. An example of an an abbreviation would be "NHCSD" or "New Hartford Central School District."

Question: I don't see my district.

Answer: Never hurts to check twice just incase you looked over it (it happens, don't worry.) If you can't find it, try using the search bar. If that all doesn't work, sadly your district may not be on here yet. But it will be coming soon! (Go to the feedback page [button below] and tell us what district you're from.)

Our Resources

Question: How do I get to the home page of all these sites?

Answer: Simply click on one of three things. The logo, the title, or the short paragraph describing it.


Question: How do I make an account?

Answer: The sign-up feature is rather finicky for the site so I would advise patience and a good Wi-Fi Connection. There is a "Log In" Button in the top right, click that, then click "Sign Up." From there you just hit "Sign Up with Google" and you've finished. Now you can follow other members and talk in the forum.

Question: What is the forum?

Answer: The forum is a place where students can talk with other students. Maybe about homework, a test coming up, or what they missed in school while they were visiting their Great Uncle Fred for example. Or maybe you want to check there to see if we have any announcements (or even planned live events *wink wink* that you could attend *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

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